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America 2010 Program Guide Now Available

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The full program guide for next week's Emerging Communications Conference & Awards, America 2010 may now be downloaded here. I've copied the introductory text below.

Welcome to eComm America 2010
I'm delighted that you've joined us for the 4th Emerging Communications & Awards, American Edition.

Back at the 2008 debut, we pushed Google and Apple centre-stage, a first for a telecom conference. It was also the first to cover both the iPhone and Android. We gave positive backing to Android at a time when press did not. More significantly it's where I'd proclaimed that the "phone" was dead and by what appeared staged chorography, Mark Rolston articulated that the phone had became "it"; the "new singularity".

It seemed unlikely to many; the impression was we'd stepped too far ahead. However the following year, that was silenced when Ge Wang appeared onstage and started blowing into his iPhone, using it as a globally networked social flute.

The second part of my prediction given at 2008 and a long-term view was that ecommerce, tele/communications, entertainment, and media would fuse - another reason why the decline of the "telephone" and even discrete "calls" was inevitable.

Now an accelerating ingredient has arrived in the form of mobile augmented reality (AR), which caught the audience imagination at the debut European show towards the end of last year.

This new medium and interface will hasten the dissolution of those boundaries, accelerating an exciting new technological world at the collapse of centuries old delimitation. Furthermore, AR will eradicate the boundaries between "online" and "offline"; and it will firmly embed both computing and communications into our lives moment to moment. It's both scary and wondrous.

Such transformations emerging in global telecommunications and media require big thoughts and big bets. We hope that you find eComm the venue for those thoughts to be shared and heard.

I'd like to think that what happens this week will have reverberations globally. The significance of which should not be understated, as the future of communications will have profound effects on our lives, our relationships; society, the economy and of course, our culture.

I'm glad you've joined such a valuable community and I very much look forward to three very immersive days, together.

Lee S Dryburgh
Founder, eComm

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