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72 Confirmed Talks - If You're Attending, Now is the Time to Register

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The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards takes place in just 18 days at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. It will prove to be the largest worldwide gathering of the communications innovation community to date.

A late bird pricing category has now been added to help smooth out ticket sales (it's not been activated yet, register here before it is). The hotel is still accepting the greatly discounted group rate.

I have to say wow, what a fantastic schedule has now come together. 72 of the confirmed talks (so far) and speakers can be found below (panels to appear later).

The schedule tells it's own amazing story. The future is arriving quicker than I'd imagined in many regards. There's an incredible amount to be gleaned and extrapolated from the talk titles and descriptions alone. I think my favorite quote this time around from a talk description could be this one:

"Communications services, including social media, become just facets of global commerce platforms."

By attending you'll have the opportunity to meet, share and learn from the highest regarded thought-leaders who not only form the speaker list but also much of the audience. You'll also have access to coherent information and knowledge well in advance of it appearing in the public domain. Finally you'll also save a great deal of time by attending because the 3 immersive days spent together will put you that far ahead. Quite simply, if you're in the telecom, mobile or Internet communications business and you need to track what's next, I'd be completed amazed if you can't get substantial ROI on the investment. As such, I hope to see many of you there soon.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in setting the content (speakers, advisory board, close friends). Once again we've created the best and most cutting-edge communications event. I believe it will generate a lot of value and is therefore a wise investment of our time.

Please help keep the event "pure" (non-tradeshow, sold slots etc.) and help the communications innovation community grow further by forwarding this email to anyone who may care about the future of telecom, mobile and Internet communications.


Lee S Dryburgh (Founder)

PS Only 1 hour night tutorial slots are left. If you're interested in tendering to provide such a tutorial, email me directly at lee.dryburgh AT

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  • Lee, I think you are totally, and utterly underselling the first day.

    (1) How To Be Strategically Open

    JP will be speaking about open network and community development as strategy

    - Bit Torrent and Open
    - Open source for Competitive Advantage
    - FCC and Open and future

    (2) Open Communications Society

    How Open Communications can change competition and social functioning?
    - Antropology from Intel
    - Talking Cities
    - Open Source

    (3) Cloud Communications Will Reign

    Craig from Google is talking about Google and cloud communications
    - Identity in new cloud? Cisco
    - Cloud will Dominate and Destruct, Geddes
    - Recombinant Strategies

    To be completely honest, this line up would sell itself. I'm not sure the casual reader of the schedule will pick this up.

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