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Hypervoice Interview: The "Google Moment" For Voice

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As I start out once again on the Emerging Communications (eComm) path, this time looking towards building a 2013 event, I'm very pleased to start out with a superb interview about a new term and technology known as Hypervoice.

During this interview you will learn what Hypervoice is; the emergence of a Hypervoice consortium; a potentially vast field of opportunity if the consortium is a success; and our shared realization that Hypervoice is another "Google moment", but this time, for voice.

Most notably during the interview, Martin stated:

The highest aspiration any pre-existing voice service I've ever seen had was to be as good as being there in person and at no cost. What I think Hypervoice does is it takes it beyond that. It can actually be better than being there in person.


So all the things that Hypertext has done for us in the last 20 years, that's what we'll experience with voice in the next 20. It's going to transform how we work.

This interview came about because in May 2011, I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to Kelly Fitzsimmons.

She had ambled on somewhat casually about her companies forthcoming product, Symposia.

After sometime of questioning her about the technology and ideas behind the product, it struck me like a thunderbolt that the concept should be taken globally and that it was on par with hypertext; it was in many ways the voice equivalent of hypertext.

I was very excited and so I'd asked Kelly to provide one of the keynotes at Emerging Communications (eComm) 2011 (video). Her husband also launched the company's Symposia product at the event (video).

However, for whatever reason (I did not ask), Kelly did not cover exactly what had excited me, as I'd anticipated. I then introduced Kelly to good friend Martin Geddes as he was away to run a Future of Voice Workshop at the time.

Then earlier this year Martin told me that Kelly had asked him to write a whitepaper on the topic and that he'd coined the term Hypervoice to describe it.

A couple of weeks ago Martin asked if I could help to get people on a free virtual Hypervoice event due to take place on 12th Dec 2012 (registration). I agreed to help and suggested I interview both Kelly and Martin. This post is a result of that request.

Below is the interview transcript. I added a range of headings as well as bold/italic markup afterwards to make consumption easier because the interview extends to nearly 10,000 words.

You can download the audio of the interview (21meg MP3, run time is 01:06:36).